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Computer says no thats it your out despite possibly having other qualifications which far exceed what is required. I just found out by accident (a trainee recruiter told me and I am sure she wasn’t supposed to) that where I live almost all recruiters have connections with how to follow up on a job application all the companies here. OK, so now you’ve decided on the how, it’s time to take care of the when. All you need are a few (possibly hand-written) short lines to reiterate why you’re the right person for the role, and a polite thank you for their kind consideration.

Unfortunately recruiters have been almost unhelpful nowadays. Yes, they do have a lot on their plates, but so do people who are looking for a job.

How many companies carry out video interviews in 2022?

’ has always been a common interview question, but more and more employers now dedicate whole interviews… If you have any further queries about how to write a follow-up email after an interview, or about writing a CV and cover letter, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Always remember that not following up could put you at a disadvantage behind any other candidates who have done this. It’s another way to give yourself a better chance of securing a new job. That’s why you need to send a follow-up email after the interview when you’re still receiving radio silence.

  • In this guide, we’ll share interview follow-up email and thank-you letter templates that will win over recruiters and hiring managers while benefiting your application.
  • 60% of employers think that a candidate arriving more than 20 minutes early is a sign of poor time-keeping.
  • They might want someone who will do what they’re told, maybe do more of the grunt work and possibly bring some new ideas and understanding – recent academic ideas, social media savvy etc. etc.
  • It gives you the opportunity to sum up, and highlight your key strengths and determination to be successful.

Secondly, we surveyed a group of 97 job seekers on their experiences with the job interview process – with a mix of junior level candidates and experienced workers across a mix of industries. The first was a survey of 102 hiring staff from a range of UK employers, whose jobs included hiring managers, internal recruiters and HR department members. We surveyed a mix of organisations across the full range of UK industries, and company sizes from 5 employees through to 50,000. Although most employers have been forced to adopt video interviewing due to lockdown restrictions, more than half of employers say they will continue to use them after restrictions are lifted. 45% of recruiters say that video interviews help them to speed up their interview process, but 22% say they will scrap video interviews as soon as lockdown is over. Securing an interview is the first hurdle in the job interview process – here’s how candidates and employers are fairing.

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Read carefully through any correspondence you send, check for correct spelling and grammar, and edit until you are sure that you are sending a meticulously well-thought-out document. Taking that little bit of extra time and effort to draft a great email could make the difference between you landing that dream job or being passed over for someone else. If you know anyone who works at the company or who is connected in some way to the hiring manager or recruitment team, reach out to them and ask if they can alert them to your application.

  • Secondly, we surveyed a group of 97 job seekers on their experiences with the job interview process – with a mix of junior level candidates and experienced workers across a mix of industries.
  • The best time to get a recruiter on the phone is generally at the beginning or the end of a working day.
  • Problem is I don’t care what age a person is when I recruit, just can they fit on and do the job, I get slightly put off when I know people are covering up.
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  • I’m still very interested based on what I heard in the interview and I’m excited to hear about the next steps, so any information you can share on your end would be great.

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