20 Free Online IT Courses with Certificates in 2022

Facebook Online Training CoursesFacebook Blueprint is a social media marketing course library full of self-paced and step-by-step tutorials. Not only do they offer courses, but they also have advanced courses in Facebook advertising and certifications as well.

Students can download the courses offline or follow the lessons using the online interface. See how Americans from Vermont to Alaska use our training and resources to grow.

Area Studies Courses

In contrast, there is no clear definition for what an online learning platform is, and also its alternate term, eLearning. The online learning platform is a more generic term that also encompasses a LMS, but alternately not every online learning platform has all the features of an LMS. Also, another issue was that credit card info was a requirement for accessing the trial, and we found reports of the difficulties with cancellation of this service. Going through this service, issues aside, we found it an attractive option for those looking to learn new creative skills, with coursework offered in areas including illustration, photography and design.

  • Many of our online IT courses do align to industry certifications from organizations such as EC Council, CompTIA, ISACA, AWS and more.
  • You’ll also be able to connect with over 150 US employers in the hiring consortium who are accepting candidates who have completed a Google Career Certificate.
  • Keep track of what you’ve learned and what you still want to discover using the featured tools.
  • Most courses aren’t delivered live, so you won’t need a webcam or microphone.

This online training program provides the skills you need for an introductory-level job in IT support, with no relevant experience required. Fast and flexible so you What is a Python Developer? Explore the Python Developer Career Path can learn at the pace that’s right for you, the Google IT Support Professional Certificate is the No. 1 career certificate on the online learning platform Coursera.


This course is created by infySEC Global but offered through the Udemy platform. Through this course, you’ll understand the basics about computer hacking and it’s guiding logic. You’ll be taught to use Linux, Binary Code, Domain name system and Binary Code. The course contains about 100 hours worth of resources, materials and practice based assessment which you can complete in 6 months. This course was created by Google, but transferred via the Coursera platform.

IT Courses Online

However, not every country has access to this course because of some licensing issues. Countries like Iran, Cuba and the Crimea region of Ukraine What Does a Project Manager Do? Roles and Responsibilities will not be able to register for the course. You can gain access to the online version of the course through the Coursera platform.

The 10 Best Online IT Certifications of 2022

Best Free Online Marketing Courses – a list of the top courses on online marketing that are 100% free. Best Content Marketing Courses – free and paid courses to get started with content marketing. MasterClass Online CoursesIf you’re into pop culture, you’ll love being a part of MasterClass. Ranging from industries such as acting, creative writing, sports, and beyond, popular celebrities and experts in the field are sharing their mastery with the everyday person. If Udemy is not the right learning platform for you, there are great alternatives to consider.

IT Courses Online

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